Plan of the church

Key to plan

  1. TOMB SLAB – dates from the15th century.  It was recovered during the restorations of 1872 and is thought to commemorate William Plumpton.  The coat of arms indicates that William was one of the two illegitimate sons of Sir William Plumpton kt.
  2. THE ORGAN – made by Harrison & Harrison in 1905 who said “this is a very good little organ indeed. It replaced the previous organ that was destroyed in the fire of 1891.”
  3. MOUSEMAN FURNITURE – the church has several pieces of “mouseman” furniture ((from Robert Thompson, craftsmen of Kilburn) given in memory of various parishioners. Among them are the beautiful bowed altar rails (1940), and the altar (1966) and the lectern (1970) in St. Helen’s Chapel.
  4. THE SANCTUARY TILES 1898-9 – the encaustic tiles were made by the Campbell Tile Company and are symbolic of the Eucharist and Christ’s Passion.
  5. RIDDLE POSTS – each of the posts at the four corners of the altar table are surmounted by a carved and gilded angel bearing a metal candle holder. They were made in 1910 and were designed by Sir Charles Nicholson, brother of the designer of the east window.
  6. WALL PAINTING – was found during the renovations of 2010 and appears to be part of a frieze.
  7. EAST WINDOW – full of Christian symbolism and was designed by A.K. Nicholson (see note 5) and portrays Christ flanked by Mary and St John. The base of the window is of much older glass.
  8. BRASS CANDELABRA – a pair from the late 18th century were given by the children of the late Rev.Toogood (Rector 1858-92) in his memory. There is a third in St. Helen’s Chapel.
  9. EAGLE LECTERN – in brass from the late 19th century and also given in memory of Rev. Toogood by friends and parishioners
  10. WOODEN MEMORIAL TABLET – one of the church’s older memorials is a black painted wooden tablet commemorating Miles  Dodson of Low Hall who died in 1657
  11. WAR MEMORIAL – is inscribed with all the names of the men who were killed during the 1st WW from Sicklinghall and Kirkby Overblow  – one parish at this time.
  12. MEMORANDA WALLBOARD – a late 19th century wooden board which lists the gifts to the church from the 1700s.
  13. SUNDIAL – situated outside on the south wall of the tower. This was a gift from Rev. Cooper (Rector 1774-1804) and was made in 1789.
  14. SAXON DOORWAY – situated on the north wall but only visible on the outside.
The Saxon Doorway