Proclaiming God’s Word and following Christ’s example is the fundamental role of our church. However we hope that the work of our Church extends beyond worship in the narrowest sense of the word. It is hoped that our church building is a clear sign of how we work to be a positive force for good in our community.

We accept the challenge to be awake to the needs of all the people we serve, at all stages of their lives, in sickness, health, sadness and joy. As a result we continue to work hard in developing our pastoral care and also look outwards to support those organisations and charities working with those needing help. We offer our church building for the use of all members of our community and recognise the work and generosity of our many friends.  This has seen us achieve a remarkable change in its physical repair and its availability for wider use.  We are delighted that the church is now a building used by all. Over the last eighteen months the church building has been host to a wide range of community events, both religious and secular, enabling worshippers and villagers to express their creativity, enjoy each other’s company, develop friendships and create supportive networks. In particular we hope that by showing this welcoming face we can encourage God’s people in the use of their creative gifts.